Use powder make up a finish

Belongs to a perfect makeup powder, therefore, almost all women have always a can of powder in her purse and often have additional loose powder at home in the bathroom. Talk is a precursor of the cosmetic product, it is one of the softest minerals. The powder is very finely ground, he is offered either loose or in the form of a compact powder. Compact powder that is convenient for traveling, it is applied with a supplied pad. The powder box fits into any handbag and is within easy reach to the subsequent makeup. There is almost always a mirror in the lid of the powder box. At home, the loose powder to the √úberpudern better suited, it is filled with a big brush.

Sure when buying powder on it, that the color is a shade lighter than your skin color. Here you will find all kinds of powder in many colors, sure is your color. Traveling can the skin after powdered, as soon as she shines at any time soon. For a compact powder is better, because it does not raise dust. Powder is transparent or slightly tinted, therefore small wrinkles can be used to transfer and nifty effects can be used. At home, you can distribute the loose powder over your face and over your cleavage after applying make-up with a large brush. You should apply very thin him, allowing the skin to breathe yet.