Polyurethane with UV Protection

With its polyurethane protection, your communication is durable: doming is resistant to sunlight, to continuous outdoor exposure and it has excellent adhesion. The tests carried out below it has been demonstrated, the resistance of the doming is proved.

Environmental Testing

Accelerated Water Spray Aging Test: After 500 hours of ultraviolet (UV) irradiation and water spraying, equivalent to 3-5 years of outdoor use, samples Show no significant deterioration, detachment, yellowing or noticeable change in color or shine.

Baking Aging Test

The samples tested showed no deterioration of the surface, detachment or increase in hardness after seven days in a hot air oven at 80 °.

Moisture test

The tests show that the doming does not undergo any alteration of the color or gloss after seven days glued in a box with a condensing atmosphere at 100% relative humidity. Adhesion to the surface remains intact.

Abrasion and Impact Test

Samples of embossed stickers are perfectly resistant to abrasion and shocks down to -30º. Under the effect of deformation, the 3D dome is completely reestablished due to the elastic nature of the polyurethane polymer.

Ease of cleaning and solvent resistance

The samples became clean again easily without being damaged with a detergent solution, solvents or gasoline F. Resin adhesives did not change color after being immersed in unleaded gasoline more Ten times for ten seconds with a drying time of twenty seconds between each immersion.

Application Of Warranty

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