Play tents

Imaginative play tents give the fantasy worlds of your children a home

During the childhood, the adventurous games in the play tent belonged to activities that are suitable both for indoor and outdoor. In contrast to the past you must however currently no longer rely on moms old blankets or sheets. In the toy trade, well-equipped home improvement stores and the Internet parents can purchase today decorative play tents. Play tents support the play instinct of children and provide a great basis of common playing as mini homes. Also you can use them too, to make your child a wonderful retreat.

You see a rich variety of shapes, motifs and large play tents for children. Usually the basic equipment consists of a viable framework, which is a light weight and easy to install. The flexible construction segments, which are composed mainly of fiberglass, represent a very sturdy and wobble-free framework. Using this basic framework, the tent material is rolled. This is usually made of lightweight polyester fabric. A recessed opening is suitable as input. The play tents are equipped either with a rectangular or square and circular floor plan. With a circular ground plan, they make a pyramid game tent. Such forms are a speciality, are modeled after different geometries of the environment. Also, houses are very popular with window openings and transparent Assembly segments in children.