Play station 3

Fun with the play station 3

The PlayStation 3 is a console in the spirit of a real gamers. Terrific, media and electronics are managed on the PlayStation 3. The console convinces by its excellent graphics. You will be surprised at how realistic the game affects the players. This is due above all the high-quality graphics processor. The game console has system software. This will automatically download updates and fixes among other defects in the software. In addition to the first version of the PlayStation 3 more models on the market were taken. The PlayStation 3 slim is much smaller than the original version of the console. Now, even this model is produced. The first version of the console guaranteed still use old games of the predecessor models PlayStation 1 and 2. However, this has been a bit harder with the development. Work today not all games on the new PlayStation 3

Using the PlayStation 3 you can play also CDs, DVDs and BluRay discs. The console can be used also as a CD and DVD player. You can listen to your favorite songs or watch your favorite movie at a movie night. We offer you the unique PlayStation 3 for unique game experiences. The popular console thrilled players throughout the world. Now alone or with a group of friends and relatives, the PlayStation 3 will be captivated dragging.

For the PlayStation 3 games there are numerous accessories. With this play is more fun. There are various accessories for individual games. This is however not necessary to take the games in operation. Usually, even the classic PlayStation range controller. The media and electronics are always extended, so you can expect new accessories. With the Bluetooth remote control you can operate menus using Bluetooth CD and DVD. The PlayStation move controller is an innovation in the field of the PlayStation 3. He is a motion-sensitive controller and can be operated wirelessly. An another PlayStation 3 accessories is the PlayStation eye. This USB camera is used in camera-controlled games. She can also be used to video chat. The developers are working to integrate the face of the player about the camera in the game. There are special wireless buzzer for the quiz game “Buzz!”. These are only in the “buzz”-series can be used. If you like to sing, you should grab one of the “sing Star” microphones and career lay a foundation your pop star. The microphones transmit the Sung tones directly into the game and you can see whether you a certain talent tends to exist or not. With a guitar, you can view in the game “Guitar Hero III” that you could enter without difficulty in any band. We offer you various PlayStation 3 accessories article.