Plastic Stickers and Ideas from Readers at the Vila Mural

Today I brought you the pictures of some of the work our friends have done using   plastic stickers . When we talk about adhesives, we refer to both Con-Tact and the decorative adhesives we already buy cut-outs. Check out what they’ve been up to. 

All the photos of our  Villa Mural  have an email contact from the creator of the work. Doubts, compliments and curiosities, write directly to our friends.

Above we have the elegant idea of  Mirtes Pegorer, who gave that”up” in his chair decorating with leaf-shaped stickers. Really really good, okay? The email from Mirtes to beat that chat is our site.This is a great example of how easy it is to transform a mobile.

Recalling the wave of balls in the refrigerator, we have the idea of   Luciana Fernandes, who used balls of two sizes in various colors. Incidentally, a good combination of colors. Want to exchange ideas with her?

The   Valéria Martins   held a super professional work in this kitchen. Just look at the before and after to notice the effect that the sticker gave the wall. With taste everything looks great.

And to finish this conversation with plastic stickers, let’s see the transformation that Ingrid, our friend from Artimel, made with her closet. Everything just needs patience and creativity. Look at the pictures she sent you before and during.

And here the final result. The closet becomes a beautiful setting. All made with adhesive plastic. Cool, huh? Were you inspired?

Today’s mural is all decoration. I hope you have enjoyed it and good ideas have come to your mind.

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