Pitchers & Carafes

Pitchers and Carafes – practical helpers for serving drinks

To consume drinks pitchers and Carafes be often very helpful. In them you can store large quantities of drink in a glass. Thus, they serve as a storage place or way to mix a drink. Imagine only what would be a coffee machine without pot. It should always the Cup or the cup ready for under and quickly replaced, if it is full. Therefore, pitchers and decanters from the households no longer are indispensable.

While a carafe often glass is suitable for cold drinks cans for hot drinks are made and are made of heat-resistant material such as glass or porcelain. There is to buy them as a single product or in sets with other dishes. Especially to pitchers frequently offered a wide range of cups and teapot warmer. Thanks to this wide range, almost every wish concerning the design and the colour of the pitchers and Carafes can be fulfilled. Whether it should be a classic pot with flower pattern, or a fancy decanter made of glass, it is to find something for every taste. Also, it is much pleasure when shopping when many pitchers and Carafes to choose. Who wants to buy something, which is not your own taste?