Pig Buddies USB Hub

Power USB hubs are available in countless designs, shapes and colors. The design studio We play God has a USB hub with sticks designed, which is to bring a little fun into the office everyday.

That it so far no one has come: Pig Buddies for the desktop – where pigs in Welta… uh but are now in the office. The combination of USB hub and 3 matching USB sticks is a lactating sow with her three piglets, cute stylized and decorated in candy pink – so different from the usual hubs and sticks. The Three Little Pigs is missing only the slot in the back, then she went through as a mini piggybanks.

Apparently the plug on the muzzle should be extended and retracted, so that it is protected during transport. Just can not say that, because there is no information about the Pig Buddies except the three rendered images.

Who ever hopeful new page in the browser opens, and clicks through the Internet to find a store that carries the Pig Buddies, will probably be disappointed. The Pig Buddies are not even on the side of developers of powered USB hubs and only accessible if one knows the Eusbhubs.

I guess it is a pure rendering exercise of designers. But who knows? Maybe yes produced soon a manufacturer the pink combination of stroke and sticks. At resonance, the get the Pig Buddies the Internet, be enough buyers should find.

Behind the Pig Buddies stands  We play God , do not offer the product but as mentioned.