Pieces in Jewelry for This Spring and Summer

Not only our clothes and shoes need this spring/summer fresh wind, but also our jewelry box. In my blog today, I’ll show you the It-Pieces for this spring, which you can not do without;) Personally, I find the new jewelery trends really great and versatile!

It-Piece 1: Casual wrap bracelets for the everyday look

This spring and summer it becomes casual.Especially in the everyday look, the It-Piece wrap-around bracelet makes a particularly good figure.A wrap-around bracelet always looks casual and stylish – in addition, thanks to the many layers the impression of an armparty;)

Wrap bracelets can be worn this summer in simple designs as well as colorful and with pendants or tassels.

It-Piece 2: Long chains as an all-rounder

The hype about massive statement chains has already fallen last autumn.The new trend was filigree chains and layering.The new It-Piece has also developed from this trend: long chains.This spring we like it casual with long chains in the Boho style or simply with a trailer.The long chains can of course also be used for the layering look, because this is still announced.

Styling tip:Long necklaces are perfect for airy blouses or Oversize shirts – they support the laziness of your look.

It-Piece 3: XXL earrings as an eye-catcher

All statement-lovers can breathe a sigh of relief This spring and summer, the pompous ear-jewelery is preserved.In contrast to rings and chains we can strike this season, because your earrings should become a real eye-catcher.Particularly popular are long earrings, which also partly look under your hair.In Saxony designs and colors everything is allowed.

Styling tip:If the XXL trend is still not enough, his earrings can also wear as a single earring.You wear, as it were, only an earring.

What do you say about the new It-Pieces for this spring? So I’m satisfied;)