Personal Scales

Scales – so you have your weight at a glance

Scales are used to determine of the body weight of the people. Usually, it is floor scales, that 30 times disappear 30 cm and a height of approximately 8 cm space under the Cabinet with a square shape which, when they are not needed. The earlier models were all analog, so the weight of the person about the so-called “weight force measurement” has been determined. If you use the scale so the next time with Grandma in the bathroom, you press down a spring with your weight, then moves the pointer on the disk and will display your weight.

Modern scales are usually with digital indicator. There is about so-called “piezoceramic elements” the weight of the pressure sensors transfer, which in turn reflect the weight in kilograms on the display. Each modern, a scale, the more possibilities offer with her. The latest models of the scales are outstanding not only colour (some models are solid red or blue, others held in purist glass look), they had built a small memory, which stores the last measurement data and allows such comparisons to the current weight. More recently, they are to get back more with analog display, who must not look at the grams, can enhance visually the bathroom with a scale in the retro-look.