Parachute Wedding Dress

Ecologist with great attention to the environment? Wedding dress perfect for you may be derived from an old parachute, just like the models proposed by French designer Valerie Pache, who likes to reuse sails paragliders, which are treated and dyed, to create unique and very original clothes. Various models in his collection Technology-Wiki, which includes many dresses that all have one thing in common: they are derived from the sails of the paragliders or parachutes. But the designer does not stop there: also recovers old vintage clothes or waste of textile products , which then works with natural fibers such as hemp and organic silk to get very special fabrics.

The His clothes are inspired by the lightness of the wind and air and for this reason has decided to use the paintings of parachutes and paragliders. The prices of clothing compartment from 1,000 to 3,000 euro: the designer Valerie Pache also collaborates to Shamengo project “1000 pioneers of the New World”, thanks to which many artists present their projects for a better world with a special focus to ecology and recycling.