Pajama Fashion Trend 2016

Summer Trend pajamas: pajamas, so pajamas were made only for sleeping in living memory. Now the fashion designers of these garments have accepted and made the whole fashion world upside down.

Summer Trend Pajamas: Get out of bed and into the Everyday Life!

Through various designers such as Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, to name just a few, the pajamas have erblick the light of the fashion world and are more and more to discover on the boulevards of cities. Like wildfire this new trend has spread and the fashionable ladies of formerly worn in secret pajama at city trip or even at a party is at the top of the outfit list. On models and fashion icons the dark blue or needle-striped silk combinations look really really good. But now let’s be honest. What woman over 30 really dares on a normal day in an average small town so on the road? Here in Coburg they would in any case make pretty big eyes when I would stroll middle of the day so by the City. I quickly had a reputation as shower crazy fashion doll with a strange taste away;

How do I Enter The Summer Trend Pajamas?

But still concerns me the question, how best wearing the pajama look?
As a complete look I find my pajamas very casual and stylish. For a fashion metropolis like Berlin, New York or maybe in Paris, he was also quite roadworthy and absolutely in. Here in the quiet Coburg I feel so, but only at home well. For example, on a rainy day, when I insert a Schlafanzugtag. So we jokingly call our “Schlonzi Day”, where we do not leave the house. In this outfit gets neither my Herzilein a shock, even the postman or the nice man from Bofrost, because I would not hesitate to open the door with this casual dress.

Where do I Enter The Summer Trend Pajamas?

But not only that, for a party that is previously much maligned nightrobe quite suitable. It also fits well for a short visit on a warm summer evening with my friend who lives 30 meters away on the mountain top. If we then put together a (or two) with a glass of fine wine downed, then the threshold is lowered a bit anyway and I was almost ready to pay the town a visit with my night gown. Finally, I see it a little bit as my mission, “residences” in thing fashion a little help on the jumps.