Pacifiers and matching chains for your toddler

Since the middle ages, pacifiers are used to calm the baby. In the Middle Ages it was a bag made of linen, which was filled with bread or porridge. In the drawings by Wilhelm Busch, babies are represented with a pacifier in his mouth. Today, they are made from silicone or latex, and they have a small shield, so that they can not be swallowed up. Already in the first month of life the parents can offer a pacifier to fall asleep her baby. However not all babies accept it, some reject it. After the second year of life, the children should be weaned at the latest. Meanwhile offered pacifiers in different sizes which meet the growth of the oral cavity and fit. See this great selection in our offer. There is it in many bright colors as in blue, red, green, yellow or pink. The mouth parts are shaped differently, but all are large enough so that the baby can not swallow it. On offer are even appropriate models for the day and the night, which is to buy it in the set. Some models are colorfully printed with ornaments, other solid colors there.

The main remedies for infants and toddlers is undoubtedly the pacifier, which is also known as dummy. Your child’s sucking need can be best silent with this bite-sized favorite accessory of silicone or LaTeX. They are passable pacifiers to fall asleep since time immemorial, but also for occasionally occurring agitation stages of your child they console successfully. There’s the pacifier in two variants – once in the round shape of cherry, and on the other hand in the newest form of palate. The latter copy jaw meet in the oral cavity blends.

We present you a wide selection of high-quality pacifiers that are ideally suited for the reassurance of baby and toddler on our pages with a clear conscience. The bright colors of signs to help that your baby or The dummy always immediately find as parents, once your infant on him has needs. Is well advised, who can immediately draw on a colorful variety of Pacifiers, is it at all no strife in the small family. Later, your child will decide for a single. However – please bear in mind that your toddler at the latest at the age of 2 years of it to wean, prevent any possible undesirable developments of jaw or tongue. This is may not be easy, because the pacifier is a best friend become most likely for your child is a high emotional attachment. Show compassion and give your little rascals more undivided attention during this time.