Oral irrigator

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, Oral irrigators are the ideal complement of the daily dental hygiene. After brushing your teeth with a hand or electric toothbrush can be optimized using an oral irrigator even in hard to reach places the teeth cleaning and prevent so bad breath and bacterial growth. Cleaning with high pressure water of the teeth, particularly the teeth. In addition to the normal tap water a mouth rinsing solution, or a disinfectant can be added if required.

Straight braces appreciate oral irrigators. Food can easily be washed away so after brushing your teeth and the result is a fresh and hygienic clean mouth feel. Also amputees benefit from a use, because the cleaning specifically ensures the Elimination of bacteria with water pressure. In our assortment there are various oral irrigators. The simple models are simply screwed onto the faucet. Demanding users appreciate the models with their own water tank, where if necessary also accessories can be filled in. A range of essays, for example to the tongue cleaning or for cleaning of the gums is often included. So that not every Member of the family needs their own mouth shower, you will find also separately available articles here, so that your children can use them as needed to the daily oral hygiene.