OnePlus Smartwatch

The OneWatch could contrar with such interesting features like screen of Sapphire or titanium rims

For those who do not know, OnePlus is a start-up Chinese start-ups that has caused a stir in the market with the introduction of its first smartphone, the OnePlus One. More than by their internal specifications, which are characterized by following the philosophy of other companies as Xiaomi-good components at prices of laughter-, this start up has been characterized by the controversial pair used marketing campaign promoting its first device.

Now, it seems that OnePlus is also about to disembark at the market of intelligent watches with his first smartwatch, the OneWatch. Filtration that shows what appears to be the website of the company with a new product, the “OneWatch”.Despite the fact that we only see the device by its rear part, its circular sphere seems quite resemble the Motorola Moto 360 .

The guys from BGR India also received a few schemes that would show a detailed and accurate design and the main characteristics of the first OnePlus smartwatch. As we can see in the image that we leave a little further down, the smartwatch would have a circular display that would directly join the belt.

In terms of specifications, patterns reveal that it would add una Crystal Sapphire Technology display OLED and edges of titanium who joined the sphere with the strap. The latter would be manufactured in leather to refinish it much more elegant and classic clock, something that seems to have worked very well with the bike 360.

The OneWatch battery would be curved and integrated into the inside of the belt of the smartwatch

Something really interesting is what is listed as “curve battery” and that points directly to the belt of the smartwatch. Apparently, the OneWatch battery would be integrated directly on the inside of the belt, something that could provide a plus of autonomy due to the problem of space suffering from these devices. Finally, it would also have a single physical button on one of the sides of the sphere that would be configurable by the user.

In terms of charging the battery of the OneWatch, would be done wirelessly OnePlus Q1 technology. Also it is expected that the smartwatch incorporated Android Wear, although they may also choose to implement a version adapted from Android with its own interface.