OnePlus Already Has Its External Battery of 10,000 MAh for 16 Euros

OnePlus won’t look like a single phone manufacturer a year. This morning we saw how appeared a new ‘mini’ version of 5 inches diagonally, and now present an external style battery my (formerly Xiaomi), to celebrate its first birthday.

The OnePlus Power Bank euros, with an internal capacity of no less than 10,000 mAh will ‘soon’ at a price of 15.99. That is, with her we could load up to three times completely the 3,100 mAh OnePlus One has inside.

The Power Bank of OnePlus also comes in two colors, black and white (Silk White and Sandstone Black), and does so in a bold but elegant design. It has two USB ports with outputs of 2 amps, so we can load more than one device simultaneously and quickly.

From OnePlus claim that this battery will be charged completely in 5 and a half hours via its microUSB port, which is not too much, taking into account their ability. Also, with a few LEDs that indicate its charging status just to shake the battery. Useful, no doubt.

Battery comes with safety measures to prevent short circuits and overheating. Weighs about 220 grams, has a thickness of 16.2 mm and 142.8 by 72.6 plant. That is, nearby a OnePlus in size, but twice as fat.

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