Of Champagne Candles, an Interview and Big Toes

Dearest people-actually I wanted to write something else today… so following my embroidered autumn trend contribution… Then I remembered that I am in an interview with Cla by glam up your lifestyle and halloooo, it deserves a bit more Attention. So, my Sunday post is now only on Tuesday…?

If you want to know what I think about colorful pants with elastane content and what has to do with cellulite? Why do I usually need a bit longer to buckle what is currently trend? Whether I am vain and whether my style has changed 40… and why the rock length for me has nothing to do with age-so you see, totally interesting and especially wise interview questions and my answers only… You should absolutely At Glam up your Lifestyle  voriklicken-that is always worthwhile eh always and today very special…? ?

Design Bubble-Champagne

And because I am already at a Klippipp. On Friday I was in the Munich courtroom and paid a visit to the Pop-up-Store of Design-Bubbles. Design Bubbles are exclusive, handmade candles.Katharina, the woman behind the idea of ​​design bubbles, makes all the champagne candles by hand. They are poured with organic soy wax and a cotton dowel. For the final touch-the champagne label, Katharina works with prestigious champagne houses. In addition, the candles still smell beautiful. My for example quite wonderful after tangerine. Of course, I could not restrain myself and took one with me according to SPORTSQNA.

Exclusive And Noble

Even if the candle with 49 euros is not exactly favorable-I find the handwork justifies the price and the high-quality organic ingredients even more so. There is also the possibility to have the candle refilled at Design Bubbles. A really good and sustainable thing and an excellent gift idea. By the way also for men-the candle is also with masculine sandalwood fragrance to have. Usually the exclusive, handmade candles in the online shop and in selected boutiques and department stores are also offline. So really ne clear purchase recommendation-just for friends of the delicious and noble Prickelwasser.

My Interview With Cla And Sommer Is Shorts

Whether it was advertising now, I do not know. I’ve told you about it because I like the concept and I especially like it when people just make time and let something new develop. For the candle I have paid the regular price and because the summer this week is still to remain and that is absolutely ingenious, there is now already an outfit with shorts. I’m sorry, but it was so cold and changeable now that I feel I have to catch up… I hope you forgive me… Why my mean big toe is always out there, I know Really like to… Even though the shoe fits, the big tuber always wants to go beyond-I guess she has this character property of me and who would like to know a few other features, may now gladly click over Cla. I wish you a relaxed summer day dearest all…?