Now It’s Cuddly: Fleecy Knitwear for the Cold Season

Hello Autumn, hello fluffy knitwear! While the trees are stripping off their leaves, it is now time for us to make them cozy in cozy knitters. 

We present the latest trends in the knitwear sector and show how the new hoodies are styled to cuddly cool autumn looks.

Plush Sweaters, Plush Jackets & Co .: These Knitwear Make The Fall To The Cuddling Season

Whether it’s a fuzzy knit cardigan, a teddy-style sweater or a coarse knit coat, the new knitwear is especially one-super-fluffy and so cozy that we want to wear it around the clock! And we can do that too. Because the nice thing about the Velcro knitwear trend is that it works both casual and chic. The new Velcro sweaters, cardigans and knit coats can be seen in the office, as long as they adhere to a few stylistic rules.

What Makes Fluffy Knit So Fluffy?

The secret of the “new fluffiness” lies in thefineness of the yarns used or in their particular structure: Unlike the usual wool yarns, the individual knitting threads are already several times fluffy or voluminous and have fine, protruding hair. In this way, a part that is knitted from this special wool gets its special velcro feel, which is wanted “lint”.

The Teddyplüsch is a tightly woven, soft (wool) material that reminds of the cozy fur of plushies.Sweaters, jackets or coats of Teddyplüsch are usually not knitted, unlike most velcro knitted parts, but sewn from the finished fabric.

Wonderfully Autumnal: Cardigans Made Of Velvet Knitted

Cardigans or cardigans are now coming out as a so-called fuzzy knit variant. Typical of this is a shaggy, very fluffy knit structure, which flatters the hands, which caress them, as well as keeps warm.

Due to the many small air interspaces between the individual garments, sweat sweaters insulate warmth very well-especially when they are knitted from high-quality woolen fabrics. There are fleecy cardigans in shag-look also from care-like synthetic fiber or synthetic fiber-wool mixed fabrics.

A simple top fits a shaggy sweater in a striking color or with a knitted pattern perfectly. Wear, cuddle and create a relaxed but trendy casual look together with narrow pants!

Our New Favorites For The Cuddling Season: Sweater Sweater

Sweaters from voluminous, fluffy wool have now as a casual companion to jeans just as their appearance as an eye-catcher to the chic skirt. They are available in countless pattern and color variants from simple to eye-catching, so that every woman is waiting for a new flauschstrick flame.

With their “lint-free” knitting structure, they form a beautiful contrast to particularly delicate or noble materials such as silk, chiffon or brocade-perfect as an ingredient for feminine-elegant looks.

Are particularly popular Velcro Rick parts in delicate pastel shades, for example, a rose-colored shaggy sweater that matches perfectly with trend-red shades such as Bordeaux or Marsala.

Trendy outfits can also be styled with sweater sweaters or cardigans from Melange yarn. A lower part in one of the yarn colors makes the look round. Just wear matching boots for an uncomfortable day and wear a weatherproof coat or a thick jacket-the look is ready for autumn.

Of course, the new Veluwe-darlings also come out in big colors: The Kombi Royalblue-Schwarz makes this winter an eyecatcher and nevertheless fits well into a serious environment.

As an absolute basic part with an extremely high feel-good factor as well as a trend factor, it is worth investing in a teddy-style gown in a subtle color like cream white or beige. Teddyplüsch differs from Velcro knitted by a less zottelige structure and reminds rather – the name says it already-to the fur of a teddy.

Whether a shag-sweater, a cuddly cardigan or a teddy-style jacket: the winter’s new fluffy knitwear can come!

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