Nokia 5140i – the Outdoor Cell Phone

In everyday life, I use a HTC P3300 Smartphone to make phone calls, navigate, manage schedules, etc. The fairly expensive device be used outdoors but limited, that’s why I have a Nokia 6101, which no longer uses my wife for such purposes. This clamshell phone is but also not the true for outdoor activities.

Nokia 5140i - the Outdoor Cell Phone

But Nokia has got some other models in the range, including the 5140i. According to elaineqho, the mobile phone in addition to the usual functions to make phone calls or SMS, also has special properties that are interesting especially for outdoor use. So it has a robust and resilient Xpress-on cover, which is particularly water and dust repellent. The battery compartment is protected by a rubber cover again in addition. Other features include a flashlight, digital compass and thermometer. Also comes with a sport headset phone.

A further hilight is the optional Xpress-on GPS Shell, which makes a standalone GPSnavigation system from your mobile phone. The GPS is powered from the battery of the phone. Thus, the 5140i in this combination should be for example very interesting for trekking tours or Geocaching.

The price of the Nokia 5140i is with about 100 euro without contract quite cheap. This could definitely be my next Outdoorhandy.