Noble Costume Couture: Wedding Dresses for Dirndl Brides

Soon, it is three years, which I write on this wedding blog for you about getting married in Austria and Bavaria, and Yes, I think I have now but a pretty good overview of the industry.

With a certain fascination, I follow how many designer has developed during this time. Most recently the label therese and Louise from the shoes had thrown in this context me. And yet a designer has in my opinion a real wedding Couture star developed into, you should know: in his models combines the label Tian van Tastique from the upper Bavarian finning, the costume and classic wedding dresses are so adorable that I’ll even the traditional fan. When I reported Tian van Tastique for the first time, there was only a handful of bridal gowns in the collection. And now? So throwing around some dresses, I must show you easy. Bet? May also become the traditional fan!

Baroque opulence, classic dress bodice, long, short, flower, plain, embroidered: the clothes are outfitted with the combination of materials, patterns, and styles. Tradition meets modernity. So you you can get an overview, I show the most beautiful long dresses and then the short models you first. And if you can need an inspiration as the matching wedding decoration including sweet table this might look, but also a look at the styled shooting in the vintage style of Tian van Tastique then throw at the end of the article. Happy discovering!