No Sharp Camera/Mobile Unit

Bottom line: The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom confirmed in the test that Smartphone and compact camera create a useful combination of equipment can. The touch control is intuitive and consistent. The camera stands out with a 10 x zoom and not delivers decent pictures-for a Handyknipse more unfortunately also, because compared with other cameras, the image quality disappointed. Who needs the hybrids only for one of the two functions, comes out cheaper and better with individual devices.

Fusion accomplished! The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom comes with a hybrid on the market, which crosses a complete Smartphone with a full-blown travel Zoom camera. According to Timelesstablets, this means: on the one hand, the device appears as a normal mobile phone with 4.3 inch AMOLED touchscreen and full Android operating system in current version 4.2.2.Surf the Internet in the Google play store Browse, make phone calls with friends-all run. The back, however, reveals a completely different picture: instead of the expected, smooth surface, zoom adorns a lens and a non-slip buckle the back of Galaxy S4. Despite the out buckles is 210 grams light housing or place in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Image Technically Weak

But can combine the best of both worlds the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom? Not quite: The 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor inhibits the Smartphone camera fusion with its modest picture quality. The device grabs internal memory or the photos but with 16 mega pixels in appropriate size on the 8 GB previously inserted microSD card. But leaves it to desired sharpness when daylight: resolves the camera only with a mean of 1,013 of maximum 1,728 line pairs per picture height. Always visible in the screen noise already at the smallest light sensitivity and the strong blurring of fine details fail also.

The Phone, Which Zooms

The highlighting feature of the Galaxy S4 more convincing, however, can zoom: 10 x zoom. Of the 24 mm wide angle to 240-millimeter telephoto the Samsung hybrid offers a versatile focal length. It can claim no other smartphone by himself. Vignetting and distortion stick back pleasantly. Thanks to fast auto focus the camera proves to also snapshot suitable. The orange Flash focus assist light hides however strong people in the dark.

Speaking of show: from the EXIF image info you should make no mistake. Instead of 240 mm, the details specify the full zoom level in small conversion only with 172 mm.A comparison with another camera but confirmed that it is only a software error.

Once, Smartphone With Everything, Please

Compliant also the sharp display 518.400 pixels works in addition to the good processing despite plastic housing. In terms of size and resolution, the Galaxy S4 must be zoom but compared to the previous model Samsung Galaxy camera beaten. Like a Smartphone, can set the focus point by finger and wipe through the gallery.This set the recording mode. Although, a manual mode allows for Aperture and shutter speed to create even hand. However, shutter – and aperture are unfortunately missing.

The First Camphone

For this from the factory numerous: 25 smart programs that enable creative einsteigerfreundlich photos. HDR modes, sweep panorama, portrait mode, animated images and many more presets allow stylised photos with a few mistake. Via integrated UMTS module for speeds up to HSPA+can upload pictures directly to the Internet, LTE is still lacking. Alternatively is also Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi pairing works out even very simple n standard for election-via NFC. In addition, countless Fotoapps download in the Google play store to experiment with.

Additional apps are 080p with 30 frames per second in the store also for video recording up to 1. Maximum of 25 minutes you can record with a clip. While the battery levers more than 202 minutes with a charge, in photos, however up to 760 trips are possible. A very good value is considered in camera. Surprisingly for a Smartphone, less for snap: the battery can be remove and, if necessary, through a full change. A classic charger is desirable however, to replenish the empty Stroomspeicher.


Can you a networked camera with touchscreen and Android operating system, but want to renounce on the phone? Then you should check out the Samsung Galaxy camera take a closer look at. 16 Megapixel, built-in Flash, and many more, technical data share both smart cameras. The Galaxy camera has the better display but with 4.8 inch Bildiagonale and a resolution of 921,000.The objective with a 21fach magnification offers however more focal length. Wi-Fi and UMTS are also. Only a telephone function is missing. To get the Samsung Galaxy camera for under 280 euros.