Nexus Player Not Available in Europe Until 2015

It was the surprise of recent announcements of Google, and is that no one expected it to this Google Nexus Player, an entertainment system for the home that the search engine giant has prepared together with Asus and intends to introduce in all homes with a price quite attractive.

However, we have bad news for them that they were thinking about get one as soon as you come out to the market in our country, it seems that the Nexus Player will not cross U.S. borders until next year, in 2015.

Google intended that the device would be ready for the Christmas season, because it is a very suitable to serve as a gift, with a attractive price of 99 dollars and interesting features as a multimedia device connected to a TV.

In addition, this Nexus Player was the perfect device to start the journey of Android TV, making Smart TV any TV easily, Although this delay may subtract you possibilities and approaches to competition, which will take several months to launch similar bets by adjusting their prices.

It seems that Google does not want this year virtual crowds on Google Play, delaying a few months the launch of its new Nexus in international markets and ensuring enough production to the demand that will have both the Nexus 6 and this Player in the United States.