Nexus One Jelly Bean Will Also Enjoy Thanks to The Community

While the Galaxy Nexus is still smacking of their ration of gummy bear, the Nexus S has just begun its update Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Without, however, the first of the Nexus, which is manufactured by HTC and known as Nexus One, He had been outside update plans, something that looks like it did not like the Android scene.

Among all the marabunta of confirmations and denials of updates, the community does not rest, so the next device that receives a Jelly Bean-based ROM will be nothing less than the own Nexus One.

Part of Google information that had come out the hardware of the Nexus One was not sufficient to support this version of Android, and problems arising from the lack of internal memory they could be to blame. The Mountain View giant explained that Gingerbread was the best possible development for this terminal according to their tests considered.

Although hopes were few at that point, light comes again from xda-developers, and is that the famous community to amaze us with the development of a 4.1.1 Android ROM for Nexus One.

At the moment, the ROM is still in its infancy, but it is nice to see how to advance these developments, so good is to make a review what has been achieved to make work:

WiFi + Tether
USB Mass Storage
Somewhat degraded graphics acceleration, but working

If anyone still uses the first official Google device and wants to try the latest version of Android on it, you can Download the ROM from the source link. And of course, if someone try it, make us sharers with reviews of looks like Jelly Bean in Nexus One.