Nexus 7: Printing Direct from Your Tablet

A very unusual service on tablets is the printing of documents. But did you know that it is possible to do this in a very easy way? Several types of files can be sent to the printer directly from Android-equipped handsets with just a simple application available for free on Google Play.

The Nexus 7 is obviously not out of the way, and printing a document, photo, or web page is easier than you think on the Google tablet.

Unlike the iPad, the Nexus 7 does not have AirPrint, an embedded feature in the operating system that allows you to print directly from the tablet. The tool available for impressions on Android is Google Cloud Print, a service that still requires the mobile version of Gmail to work.

But there is a way to add Cloud Print as a share action, allowing you to print just about anything inside the Nexus 7. Check below how it is done.

Printing from tablet

Before you begin, you need to have a Google Cloud Print account linked to your Google account. You can create it through this link. Here you should also add your printer. Then open Google Play and install Cloud Print .

Then, access the application on the device. When setting up the program, be sure to use the same Google account you used to set up Google Cloud Print. This will ensure that the program is able to print to the same printer you added to the service.

The next time you want to print a document, photo, or even a web page, select the share option and choose Cloud Print as the action. If you need to print an attachment from Gmail, simply select the”view” option and then choose Cloud Print from the list of options.

After that, just confirm the printer you want to print to in Google Cloud Print. Within a few seconds you will hear your equipment making noises … Ready! The service will be complete.

If you’d prefer not to print to an actual printer, you can send the file to your Google account via Drive. Just select Google Drive from the list and add it as a printer.

Of course, printing documents, files, photos and web pages through this method can also be done from any Android device, provided that the version of the operating system is higher than 2.0. Good impression!