Next Nexus Phone HTC

All we know until now about the upcoming Google Nexus range is mainly the manufacturer, this year will be in fact HTC to fill the role of protagonist in partnership with the Mountain View company. Rumors of recent months have revealed also the two numbers of models, which should actually be what will become a new shotgun Nexus, as those of the present generation.

Although to date the confirmations are still few, and all the attention of HTC is focused on the new top of the line, just analyzing the latest high end products of tawianese House, there would be some assumptions about the materials used for the construction of the new Nexus. If already this year Nexus 6 p ushered in the era of Google, HTC metal terminals may not be outdone, and since we are discussing two devices both manufactured by the same manufacturer, most likely we will have quality materials for both.

Whereas the first Nexus One always manufactured by HTC, already had some body metal inserts, and today all the latest flagship of the company using this material on practically all the chassis, the hypothesis is quietly more than plausible.

Huawei Nexus 6 p is available online from PhoneJust Marketplace at 508 euro or by Redcoon to569 euros. Good value for money and is one of the best devices in this price range.