New Year’s Eve Decoration Ideas

Photo Decorated Houses for New Year’s (New Year’s Eve) – Tips

The most sophisticated annual event is certainly New Year’s Eve. Even those who never attend parties, or who only held simple party, always have fancy on New Year’s Eve. Neatness is not the whole of the party, people dress more stylish too.

New Year's Eve Decoration Ideas

From here you may think that the New Year’s Eve decoration can not be skimpy.

But it doesn’t mean that the white color is the only choice. Your clothing needs not be extremely colorful, but only in white is out of fashion. The vintage ideas need to show joy and hope for a better new year.

Candles always bring a special feeling to events, whether you make a small dinner or a large party, candles are always helpful .

If it is only a dinner, you just need to put small candles on the table. If it is a big event, you can use candles of all sizes and colors throughout the room. Use silver or gold candlesticks.

There are some beautiful glasses of champagne that you have never found a chance to use at home? Use it now. In decorating the New Year’s Eve, everything you use should be the best.

To match the white that is always used in the year-end holidays, silver or gold is ideal. You can use cutlery and table decorations in silver or gold, and choose shiny fabrics and penduradinhos polythene strips on windows and furniture.


Lighting is important in the decoration of the New Year’s Eve, like the candles mentioned before. The lights should be directed to the decoration of areas, such as tables, pool, fruit tables. Everything is shining when the light is turned on, which will create a beautiful sight.

Chandeliers, for example, look very good on New Year’s Eve decorations, depending on the size of your party. It is advisable to hire some very large ones and use them in the domestic environment.

The champagne bottles alone are already become pretty decorative items. They usually come with beautiful labels and packaging. You can arrange them on the main table or on the tables of the guests.

Do not forget the ice pail, after all no one wants warm champagne. Use a beautiful ice buckets of metal, and place it next to the bowls and flowers.

Flowers are another significant decorative item which are suitable for every occasion. But do remember to give preference to white flowers, which are more sober and elegant instead of colorful ones.

Birthday balls are also helpful in decoration. They can be hung from the ceiling, attached to tables, pasted on the walls, played in the pool or simply left on the ground.

Just be careful, if you know there will be many children in your New Year’s Eve party. Avoiding leaving loose balls on the floor, or your party will be filled with the noise of bursting the balls by children, and the ground will be covered by pieces of balls.

The parties indoors, call for more dedication to table decoration, since they do not have a garden, a swimming pool or shrubs to adorn. Using beautiful candles, cups, cutlery and napkins largely.

Outdoor things are always changing, you need to leave plenty of room to decorate. And beauty does not have to be only focused on the table. You can decorate the pool, the bushes and the garden, if you have.