New Evidence of a LG G4 ‘Compact’, The Ship Badge But for The Mid-Range

Just as last year we saw in the market a LG G3 S, in the current generation seems to LG is also preparing a version of the G4 focused for the mid-range. A similar product in design but with a much smaller series of significantly inferior, and of course a price also.

LG G4 Compact -rare change of name, expected to be the G4S – already is appearing on the web like the LG H525N, a device out of stock in this Dutch online shop. Just listed data as its price, 295 EUR, as well as the launch date for the Friday, May 15, 2015.

And characteristics? Out we hope to make it similar to the LG G4 with the exception of the screen (probably with a diagonal minor) and such back of leather, staying only on plastic in various colors. Inside, we hope that it see reduced practically all characteristics to be a range mean ‘ book’, leaving aside the QHD resolutions, 808 Snapdragon processors or the 3 GB of RAM.

Probably something much more demure, with Snapdragon 400 or If we are lucky a Snapdragon 615; 1 or 2 GB of RAM at best and worst camera (although with laser focus, that Yes). 300 euros that seems to cost in the market there are a higher number taking into account some of the existing options, including Moto G 4G (203 euros), ZTE Blade S6 (234 euros) or the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi4i (scheduled for about 190 euros to change, but with very limited availability). Of course, failure by confirming all details in a presentation that is supposed be held during the next few weeks.