New Apple Pencil Is Direct Response to Microsoft’s Surface Pen

Everything indicates that Apple does not play in the service when the matter is to beat up with its competitors, mainly in relation to number, performance and specifications of its products. Proof of this is that shortly after Microsoft announced that its Surface Pen was twice as responsive as the Apple Pencil, the Apple Company made a point of announcing a new version of the peripheral in WWDC 2017. Its main achievement? Be 1 ms faster than your opponent’s gadget.

It may seem minimal, but it is enough for the company based in Cupertino dethrone the opponent in this question and, to break, show some of the power of your new iPad Pro. After all, this performance gain in digital pencil is only viable thanks Improvements to the tablet itself. The fact that the old 60 Hz display gave way to a dynamic panel with up to 120 Hz refresh rate, for example, was instrumental in making the new Apple Pencil incarnation twice as fast as the previous one.

Accessory gains more and more importance within Apple

Apple preferred to focus on the 20 ms of the accessory

As noted by The Verge, Apple preferred to focus on the 20 ms response time of the accessory and once again left the number of its pressure levels – which can make a difference for some artists and designers working with parts More detailed. While it is known that the new Surface Pen – with a response time of 21 ms – has been upgraded to 4,096 pressure levels, Apple’s pencil goes with undefined specifications in that regard.

This strategy is not surprising, since it is quite common for the company to “ignore” a number that it does not consider important for its products and services, as it happened for a long time with the amount of mAh battery of iPhones. In any case, fans of the brand that adopt the new Apple Pen have reasons to celebrate, as, in addition to faster, the toy has gained extra support in iOS 11, and can have their annotations normally indexed by the operating system of the house.