NBA Jam for iPhone

Games for mobile phones are evolving as fast as the handsets. Games that were barely running on computers for a few years now are already feverish among the smartphone users. in the list of phones capable of running games with good graphics quality come various smartphones, such as iPhones, iPads and several latest-generation Android phones. This greater amount of mobile devices with good graphic capacity makes even consoles games suitable for mobile platforms. One of the examples of adapted games was the NBA Jam game, which had been released for the consoles, and was adapted for iOS and Android.

NBA Jam for iPhone

NBA Jam for smartphones

It enters the list of games that requires a lot of graphic acceleration of smartphone devices. Released by EA Games for the iPhone. In total, there are 30 NBA teams, with the most famous players and other secrets, which can be unlocked in the course of the game. It’s amazing how EA managed to make such a good chart run on the iPhone. Not only is it surprising because of the Gameloft games , which also have great graphics!

The video above shows the NBA Jam running on the iPhone. It is a small video, but you can see that the controls respond very well, and the images are phenomenal. Now imagine how NBA Jam sits on a larger screen like the iPad screen? I would still find a way to connect a game controller to tablets and smartphones to make it easier to play.

What did you guys think of NBA Jam for smartphones and tablets? Is it as good as the mobile version? Worth your money invested? Share in the comments your opinion about the game and suggestions of other good games to our list!