Nail Art DIY Tutorial

The new trend in nail-art nails wants to do-it-yourself but super colorful and tidy! That’s all the advice to avoid mistakes.

New trends in nail-art snubbed a bit ‘the gel , preferring by far super colored enamel and semi-permanent.

Precisely for this reason, the web is full of tutorials to paint their nails, or those of friends, in an original way, but homemade.

All it takes to have the manicured hands, witty and does not go unnoticed.

We also want to give you some advice on how to have fun and be beautiful at the same time, it wanted your creativity by coloring your nails.

1 – First of all it is important to order your nails with a deep manicure

If you’re working on the messy hands, use a cotton ball soaked in Vaseline and rub on the skin around the nails.

This creates a protective barrier between the enamel and the skin, so that after they have been painted will help clean up the excess, if any errors, and polish the whole thing with the remaining Vaseline.
Another way that helps prevent paint from sticking to the skin around the nails is to paint around the fingers with liquid glue (like the Elmer, you find at the hardware store) and let it dry.

When you’ve finished painting your nails, you can remove the excess without problems simply by removing the glue from your fingers.

Nail Art Tutorial

2 – To prevent the tips of the nails are scheggino, dipingine two layers: a single on top of the nail, the other all

At the top of the paint nail polish with a matte base.

When the nails are dry by a second coat of enamel, covering the entire nail, like a regular nail polish.

DIY meanings and abbreviations reference:

This technique helps the enamel to be more durable on nail tips, lasting longer, without breaking into everyday life.

Matte Base Nail Polish

3 – Use a white nail polish as a base to make the most of the colors pop

Unless you use a very matt enamel, the natural color of your fingers will change the color of your nail polish.

To get a more faithful color to the choosing paint, add a white enamel layer and then stendici the colored enamel.

4- Create your doodles of nail-art on a bag of bread before you try it on your u nghie

It’s a little tip that will see you back very useful.

Also, if you apply it directly on the hand it seems difficult, always with bag of bread, apply a couple of layers of enamel, then add in your little drawing.

When dry, remove the designs from the bag and let them join, type stickers, your fingernail.

5 – Reinforcing adhesives for paper, to help with the french or the half-moon design

Place the stickers on the end of your nails (see photo) and paint the nail without worry to dirty.

Then by a second coat and let dry for a minute, and carefully remove the adhesive.

The effect is super and flapping minimized!

French Design Nail Art

6 – For bi-colored fingernails, using adhesive tape

After choosing two different gloss glazes, from a hand on the nail color, then create your design with tape and then paint them with another nail.

When dry, remove the tape. The result will be amazing!

For best effect, choose clearer basis and over a darker color instead.

7 – With the eyebrow pencil, insert small accessories nail-art, like rhinestones

When your fingers or tweezers are too large to grasp and place small jewelry, using the pencil of the eyes, or the lips, to glue decorations on your nails.

Nail Art with Rhinestones

8 – Create a french effect with a rubber band

Take a rubber band and incrocialo on your fingers, as in the picture.

Creates tension on the band and aligns the ends over the top of your finger, just above the edge, to color it to french ways.

Use the elastic edge as a guide.

9 – Mix the loose pigments of a glaze with a transparent to make a custom shade

Pour some colored pigment in a spoon and add a little ‘of transparent glaze, mix with a cotton swab, take a brush and try your new color!!!

10 – Create a marbled effect with polish and water

Fill a small paper cup with water at room temperature.

Take two different colors of nail polish and add us drops of each enamel, alternatively, silverskin whenever colors.

After adding a few drops, grab a paper clip, a hairpin, what you want, and mix.

Then dip a finger into the cup at a time, with the fingernail facing the layer of paint.

Marbled Effect Nail Art

11 – Soak your nails in ice water after being painted

Fill a bowl with water and ice and dip your nails for several minutes after a few minutes.

The cold water will set the paint and helps the nails to dry faster.

Always one cooking spray to dry faster.

Keep the can a few centimeters away and sprinkles on your nails evenly. Wait a few minutes and then wash off the oily residue.

13 – If not splinter the nail polish, try to fix it with the tip of the tongue instead of the other fingers

The tongue is soft enough to fix the paint without leaving fingerprints.

Make this act only in case of extreme necessity!

14 – Before using rhinestones or brilliant, uses a bit ‘of white glue as a base

In this way the removal will then be extremely easy!

15 – When the cover of your enamel continues to be closed, dip it in hot water

Place the head of a nail polish bottle down, in a cup.

Then fill the glass with very hot water, to cover all the enamel cap.

Careful not to enter the bottle. After a few minutes the cap will be perfectly loose.

16 – Stretch out a bit ‘of petroleum jelly around the bottle cap before closing it, to prevent the polish from drying out

Strofinane a small amount on top of the cap.

In this way also the subsequent opening of the enamel will be much simpler.