Nail Art Candy Color with POA

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hello ladies, I’m here again today lol, the second post of the day couldn’t get to tomorrow. These days I bought a yellow enamel candy color that I wanted for months but never found. Is the “Split Splash of Beauty Color; I painted all the nails and ring like I always have a nail art with poá, super easy to make.

Tonight I’m going out with the boyfriend, but before that I’m going to swing by the Mall Tocantins here in town to cover a parade which my model friend from College will participate, tomorrow I will post the pictures to you impart the looks of the parade.

As always I think of you, I did the tutorial for copying. So if you like it, please click “Read” down here, and if you want any requests just comment on the post I’m going to do my best to perform.

For those decorations you will need:

  • Yellow enamel (enamel used was Split Splash of Beauty Color)
  • White enamel (enamel was used petal white Colorama)
  • white fabric paint
  • toothpick (to make the balls)
  • colorless Nail Polish (base), to finalize

All ready? Paint your nails yellow and let dry/then do the French with the white enamel/take the toothpick loved the tip and make small balls with white fabric paint as shown in photo/let it dry well and finish with colorless Nail Polish (base).

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