Musical Apps Tips

I’m one of those who cannot do without indication of new bands, keep an eye on the release of my artists darlings and I always think there’s room for more on my iTunes, like a mother’s heart! Yes, music fan is anyway =) so there’s no shortage of applications on my phone to help me to always renew what’s playing in my headphones. I separated my three Favorites for you to download now!

You already know the 8Tracks by Anny and weekly mixtapes of Jô, the site also has application for mobile? There the scheme is the same-you can listen to playlists that users publish and use the search field to find some that have an artist, song, and genre until the desired mood. The coolest is that, generally, a song takes you to another of the same style, so pleased and increases our repertoire of sounds cool. And as the cell phone goes with us to any place, you can take the “Friday Mixtapes” to listen to in the car, at work, on the subway, on line at the Bank … #aGenteAgradece

Favorite! The Song Z App is the real musical find and worth every penny of its $0.99, and you will know more about it from Kentontrade. Every day he is renewed with the latest new in various playlists separated by style, Folk Rock. The songs are found through a screening in specialized sites and blogs on the subject, so don’t expect to find there nothing bombe radio airplay, but fresh discoveries – and good! #aGenteCustomiza!

I believe there are playlists perfect for every moment of the day, so the Songza came to save me. In it, depending on the time of day he will show you some options that have everything to do with the time you have the perfect soundtrack. Do you want to wake up in the morning? Have a list-HO to start the day smiling. Want to listen to music while working? Various sounds calmer give paints so they don’t get in the way of concentration. There are many funny situations that, for sure, are happening in your day and nothing better than having the ideal trail. #aGenteAma!

Who download tell us what you think and share your findings in the comments also of musical apps!