Move Your Hand and Load Your Android or Any Other Device with The Wearable of Pornhub

In a world in which human beings consume natural resources at a breakneck speed in order to be able to satiate our growing demand for energy, in PornHub have thought to offer us the way that we can do everything in our power, in a literal way, to generate our own energy and helping the environment.

Have you ever have thought about the energy you waste whenever you visit websites with content for adults? WankBand is the first wearable presented by PornHub, contained inside a system that It generates and stores energy whenever we move vigorously our doll.

The WankBand has a USB slot that can be used for connect and charge your mobile phone or Tablet with the power of our wrist, and if we feel inspired enough also can connect a laptop or any other device, although it is possible to load them we need an effort extra.

PornHub has not given any technical details about the finish, the price or the storage capacity of your device, it seems that for them it is not the most important thing, so we can not know how much it will take out, if it is that at the end it is not only a joke, this curious wearable. If you want to be the first innovation saving the planet, on the website of the product you will find a form to sign up for the program of testers.