Motorola Milestone Dock

For what it is and where to buy the Milestone dock . The Motorola Milestone , out there known as Droid, is an advanced features cellular phone, comparable to the N97 and the Iphone 3G . Androidwheel , has a pretty square design, which has been criticized by many. Overall it’s a great quality handset that does not disappoint in the segment in which it is rated.

Motorola Milestone Dock

In addition to the Motorola brand tradition and powerful hardware, the Motorola Milestone comes with a base where you can leave it by charging the battery and synchronizing data with your computer.

Motorola Milestone Dock: What is it?

This base is called a “Dock”. It has a micro USB connection on the back where you can connect the data cable or the wall charger. When placed in the Dock , the Droid changes its working state and lets you view photo slides or even function as a super advanced alarm clock radio! Everything will depend on the apps that are installed, which can make the Dock even more useful.

Milestone Dock Functions

Officially, Milestone’s functions when using the Dock are to synchronize the Droid with the PC and the internet play music, and view videos and photos in slideshow mode. It is also worth mentioning that the device placed on the Dock turns an excellent bedside clock. With a loud alarm, wake up to the most sleeper!