Moroccan Bathroom Decor Ideas

What is the Moroccan bathroom like? It’s a classy exotic bathroom that suggests an elegant style that recalls the hammams. Authentic and 100% zen, the Moroccan bathroom has all good to create a soothing atmosphere.

A Moroccan bathroom as a hammam

It’s in an old fortress in ruins, lost in Essaouira on the Morocco campaign, an American cinema Decorator is installed. She decided to restore this House keeping materials and respecting the expertise of the region to preserve its primitive style. The Moroccan bathroom, furnished as
a hammam, is equipped with a shower at the pommel oversized in the middle of the room, watering the soil and the seat on which we sit or asked its accessories. In order to light up the room safe, spots were embedded above the shower. Meanwhile, walls are coated with lime and dressed in white and ivory, tiles found in the region.

A traditional Moroccan bathroom

In the heart of Marrakech, the riad Dar Amane was restored by the architect Quentin Wilbaux and decorated by designer Valérie Barkowski in full respect of architecture and Moroccan traditions. Borrowed from the ancestral know-how of the country, tadelakt, of tinted lime smoothed the Pebble and black SOAP, covers the ground and halfway up, the walls of the Moroccan bathroom, empty niches where are asked old pottery. The bath, also dressed in tadelakt, melts completely in this very simple décor: wall is extended to form a wall on which one can sit or lay the linens and accessories. It is equipped bathroom with a discreet copper faucet, surmounted of a shower, concession to contemporary comfort.

A red Moroccan bathroom Marrakech

In the Medina of Marrakech, Dar El Hall, is a former riad of the eighteenth century transformed into a guest house which has preserved a typically oriental décor. So “red” Marrakech if characteristic of this city, applied from floor to walls, creates in the parts of this beautiful remains an intimate, soft and bright, very symbolic of the Morocco universe. The Moroccan bathroom also has this characteristic décor, walls have been colored with this famous pigment and tiles of zelliges were laid around the sink and on the floor of the shower.The latter also was designed as a tent with an opening to the Moorish, and dressed intadelakt, a typical sealant of the country, for a style, always very oriental.

Ultra chic Moroccan bath

In this Moroccan bathroom, materials and traditional ornaments were selected for the whole hotel. All rooms are different and refined with old, orange walls, Yellow Sun and blue tiles deep, wrought iron beds and large white curtains. In the “Caliph” room, the Moroccan bathroom is separated by sliding doors wooden perforated like a moucharabieh. Illuminated by a former chandelier pendants, this exotic bath room plays the purity and tradition with a bath attached to the wall covered in tadelakt. A nice mix for an oasis of charm.

A completely blue Moroccan bathroom

A French family fell under the spell of a cave House carved out of a hill in the Baza region, in Andalusia. More than 100 years old, it has been restored by strengthening the structure with a wire mesh deformed in order to follow the curves and hollows of rock covered with a coating of cement which then was painted with lime. A huge work conducted in each of the rooms of the House into the Moroccan bathroom of an intense blue, where even the bathtub has been carved in stone. Overall, painted in several layers of blue tinted lime, has been waxed to be protect from moisture and have a shiny appearance. Around the bathtub, we dug niches to put SOAP and accessories. The room has a special light thanks to small windows arranged around the window and an opening in the ceiling.

A Moroccan bathroom as a small cabin

When the owners of this riad have undertaken the renovation of the building, they wanted to use all of the local traditional techniques in each of the pieces they have punctuated with Moroccan handicrafts from furniture or mottled at antique shops. A glaring example is the Moroccan bathroom where simplicity reigns. The walls and the floor was coated with tadelakta very durable water-repellent coating made according to a traditional know-how as the basin of the shower that stands by a wave. Here the craft is highlighted with a bowl in thuya wood from Essaouira as sink lit by a wall brass of the 1950s found in an antique shop.

A Moroccan bathroom traditions revisited

The riad Dar Amane “House of peace” was an old ruined family home. Rebuilt in the former remaining true to the ancestral know-how, traditional techniques have revisited through more current lines. In the Moroccan bathroom, brick coverage has been coated grey tadelakt, a color both modern and sober. In terms of toilet, asked two tapered basins in white ceramic, each powered by a faucet brass. On the service, a rectangular mirror extends as a window on the entire width of the wall, creating a nice perspective while multiplying the luminosity.Simple and refined, this exotic bathroom is a beautiful demonstration of the association of tradition and modernity.

Exotic bathroom to different ethnic styles

This Moroccan bath is located in a former Milanese factory where industrial style is present in all parts of the House. However, when you discover this piece, we can’t imagine that you are in such a building with this exotic style. Only two lights that frame mirror and sink keep this clean home button.

Ethnic style moved with the sink is a Moroccan Bowl resting on a table in aluminium dressed in turquoise cement tiles on which the sink is installed. A mirror that plunges us into the Savannah with its Leopard print adds exotic additional and different from the previous. Paola Navone, the owner of the premises, shows us that the mix of exotic atmospheres works very well between sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb.

A Moroccan bathroom covered with tiles of the mosque

It’s in an old Egyptian traditional House that Éléonore Kamir has installed the hotel Nelson Balad. Completely restored in the respect of the traditions: the walls are Adobe-Earth and straw-, ceilings in fins – a thick layer covered with clay, supported on a solid wood joists, the raw material is to honor, comfort, but without betraying the local art of living. For all of the decoration, Eleonore ruled pronounced orientalist style. Only exotic bathroom adjacent to the rooms are carpeted of ceramic tiles ”is lamic style”, as found in mosques. To expand these mrocaines bathrooms, large mirrors reflect the tiles to infinity.