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With the world increasingly globalized, I’d expect the appreciation of cultures and ethnic backgrounds differ, especially in fashion – that is the translation of the society in which we live through the clothing. The ethnic mood has always been in vogue, however, in specific parts, generally unappreciated by the people of the own culture, example: who ever thought corny those hippie bracelets? Nowadays part of arm party of all of us! Or that bag of Peruvian beads? I bet you already have in the wardrobe.

Increasingly we see that kind of influence on fashion, especially by Latin Americans and Africans. Are many trends such as: the tribal patterns kind navajo or apache, the Aztecs in nail art, Indians with fluttering as the moulds and caftãs, among many others. The singer Lana Del Rey already bet until in literal references like indigenous headdresses huge in your clips.

According to cachedJewelry, the easiest way to incorporate these pieces to your style is by means of Accessories: maxi necklaces, bracelets with beads, wires and pedrarias and fringe bags or with tribalprints. The wildest should invest in tight skirts with topics Aztecs, blouses printed like that used on the look Emme, caftãs powerful output and dresses entirely printed like that of Blake Lively! There are so many inspirations that you will have fun riding the look of the day with this trend of summer!

Already backed the ethnic mood?

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