Modernize the Look with Accessories

A good suggestion to update the visual to your accessories. Scarves, scarves, belts, glasses, bags, shoes and jewelry are some of the accessories, which can combine with basic or classical pieces, in order to get a custom style, and you will get more information from BOOTHBUYING.COM. In fact, this is a quick and simple way to modernise your visual, using parts that are a statement of style, but also your personality.

  1. Mix pieces of Jewelry
    How about combining several bracelets and rings, formats and different materials in the same visual? The secret is in using dimensions or parts of similar colors to create greater harmony. For a professional look prefer jewelry and noble materials, because they are more stylish and sophisticated.
  2. Use Handkerchiefs & Scarves
    A scarf can add some color by the face or give more impact to your look. If you use plain garments, try using handkerchiefs and scarves of vivid colors or printed, by choosing shades that value the your skin tone and hair. The more creative you can still use the scarf as a belt, creating a more original look.
  3. Use a belt the Jacket
    Enjoy strapping a blazer or a Cardigan with a belt, because it will give you a sleeker silhouette. Prefer a contrasting color only if you have a small waist and well proportioned body. There are several models, from the flat belts to animal patterns, studs or other decorative elements. But don’t forget that the more flashy for the belt, but will draw attention to this part of the body.
  4. Bet on Statement Shoes
    If you like a touch of boldness, how about using that shoes are a style statement? This is a great way to give more texture to your look, but so discreet, because footwear occupies a smaller visual space in the co-ordinated. Snakeskin shoes, of a different color of clothes or a trendy model are a good bet for anyone who likes fashion.
  5. Basic sets vs. Trend Pieces
    Bet on Wardrobe Essentials, because they are more versatile and timeless, but add a few pieces each season trend to modernize your style. Sunglasses, a bag or shoes can be good options. In fact, the trendy accessories can give that special touch to your style. In addition, you can remove them when you get to work, if you want a professional look more formal.

Willing to try some of these suggestions?