Mix and Match: the Mismatched Swimsuit

We’ve all done it:mix the top of one bikini with the bottom of another to create the perfect combination.Directly inspired by the beaches, the mismatched swimsuit now scrolls on the podiums of the greatest designers.

From the obstacle arises creation

Originally, it was often a big problem. The bikinis were not separable, and we ended up with too small fashion swimming pants or a band too big. It was without counting the creativity of the women who were able to compose according to their morphologies, but also their desires.

You crack for the bustier of an X jersey, but the matching shorty accentuates your panties too much?So try the jersey Z jersey.

Dare the mix of prints

Long reserved for bathing suits of the same color, the technique of mix and match is now applied to prints.Search your closets, the fault of taste is almost impossible.At best, you will find creative, at worst, you will uncomplicatedly display your sense of humor!

To be trendy at all times, Guide-Piscine offers a few combinations that work:

– Tropical vs. Animal:The leopard bikini can easily be vulgar.In two-piece jungle print, one is likely to be confused with the green plant.But to marry both is genius!

– Peas vs stripes:the retro prints are all mixed together.And toc, two trends in one outfit!

– Stay in the same tones:navajo print yellow and red, a priori, it goes with nothing … except with orange panties!

You will understand, to follow the trend of swimsuit mix and match, only one rule … let your imagination speak!