Mirror cabinets

Mirror cabinets – mirror and storage space for ‘ s dip in one

Mirror cabinets provide the perfect combination of two represent the most important paraphernalia in the bathroom. Every bathroom needs a mirror and also a Cabinet for storage of utensils. But what if there is not enough space for a wardrobe for the little important things in the bathroom? The solution creates a mirror cabinet. The Cabinet above the washbasin is mounted at the height of a normal bathroom mirror. The Cabinet consists either of one, two, sometimes three individual mirrors. Behind the mirrors that act as doors mirror cabinets, storage space for all kinds of small parts is located in the bathroom. The tooth brush over the razor all can be accommodated here, what is needed in the bathroom. If perfume or Eyelash curler, here everything finds its place.

Mirror cabinets are no longer indispensable for many years out of the bathroom. Modern, bright and practical mirror cabinets have emerged from the drab gray mirror cabinets of the 50s. In our range, you will find models in modern design with integrated lighting and electrical outlets. You have to offer much more than an ordinary mirror. Another advantage: Even things not intended for all eyes disappear in a mirror box. In addition toothbrush and co. can no longer dust!