Mini USB Hub with 3 ports

A mini USB Hub with 3 ports USB female to connect accessories to a PC and recharge, or connect with a tablet or a smartphone. Travel the cable 90 cm from the same section a version available here. A mini travel hub that can be placed where good seems on the side or behind your screen. You can connect 3 accessories in parallel and exploit it to recharge a microUSB (smartphone, tablet or e-reader) device.

The Mini USB Hub with 3 ports is available in eUSBHubs. It can be connected to a classic USB and charging a tablet while allowing access to the data of the key USB you can reload and your PC and tablet with one charger and more to connect several USB to your PC. The Mini Hub is recognized without problems under Windows XP/7/8.

Attention, This is not a MicroUSB Hub, if you plug the MicroUSB port on a shelf only you won’t access the 3 USB ports. This feature to go through a product specifically designed this perspective as the Hub Micro USB to 4 ports USB for smartphones and tablets.

It is impossible to recharge a smartphone and connect multiple devices on the hub at the same time, this requires too much power to the USB source.

It is possible to recharge a tablet or a smartphone with the MicroUSB port male to Mini Hub 3 USB ports for any outlet from a PC or a charger. The cable can also be used to access data from a smartphone, a reader from your PC or a tablet.

Compact and lightweight, it is the kind of little accessory that can hang out at the bottom of your bag and come to rescue a tablet in distress as battery assist a mobile in need of USB ports.