Milk Pumps

Manual and electric breast pumps for new mothers

For the use of breast pumps, there are numerous occasions. The most common is that the MOM must quickly back to work or other reasons unfortunately not day and night can be continuously at their new small born. Breast pumps are used in order to ensure an optimum nutrition for the baby. Whether the choice on a mechanical or manual breast pump is, is left to each mummy itself. Ultimately, it is only a question of personal preferences or aversions. In our shops, we offer different models, which can provide the best alternative for every mother. Nothing about an own breast pump can be safely assumed from their hygiene is.

Excess milk or difficulties with sucking are other factors that can make sense to use of a breast pump. If breast milk is needed for the directly following days, the MOM but any occasions can put the baby to the breast, breast pumps are also needed: needed breast milk is pumped then simply advance and kept in the fridge. Breast milk can be frozen also to possible future bottlenecks to bypass or compensate any required more food at any time. She will be spent to use of a breast pump in jars and frozen. If necessary, the breast milk is just defrosted and fed. A good pump should be missing in any household with babies!