MIH Jeans

When celebrities wander through Los Angeles or New York with their looks of street style and not a red carpet, most of the time road who signs his jeans is Mih Jeans, a firm specializing in woven cowboy which also succumb some bloggers. The prices of their models are rather high, but now that they are knock-offs, can also be yours!

MIH Jeans

Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Biel… the list is endless and it is that there are many celebrities that, if do not have a classic Levi’s, they are committed to Mih Jeans because, as they have, “feel like a glove”. And since this season is the season of denim and a cowboy does not hurt in any closet, why not try?

1/11 Marrakesh

It is the most popular model of the firm. Now that pants are slightly flared can be the best RAID in the trend. These jeans are 147 euros at loverists.com.

2/11 Phoebe Slim Jean

A boyfriend jean with enough slack to not look like a rapper. Braiding the waist gives it a touch Bohemian and low wind, some today. It cost 235 and now 164.50 euros.

3/11 Parka

MIH Jeans not only sells pants, also other types of garments made with woven cowboy. This unstructured denim parka is lowered from 405 to 202,50 EUR.

4/11 Bodycon 5 Pocket Jeans

The classic skinny pants that we all have in the closet. Medium-waist and worn details. Cost 120,71 euros and before 241,43.

5/11 Manchester Jeans

Made noventero grunge Cowboy (and more current). Very wide, with small broken and washing effect. Sold for 189 euros and not the 270 it cost before rebates.

6/11 kimono

ALE a twist on the typical denim jacket on your version kimono, a garment of the season. Its price is 220 euros and before marked 440.

7/11 Phoebe Slim Jeans

Cowboy in two colors of some style boyfriend but something more tight especially on the bottom. Costs 135 euros instead of 270.

8/11 Phoebe Jeans

A loose cowboy, with some male inspiration, washing effect and low-roller or uploaded as seen in the photo, they are not too bad. They cost 255 and now 178.50 EUR.

9/11 Top cowboy

One of the trends that we have seen on catwalk this season Spring-veano 2015 are tops with lacing and a good way to follow the trend is this top. It costs 92,50 euros (formerly 185).

10/11 Tomboy Jeans

Dark, worn and long effect to the ankle that can be half leg if you give them a few turns. They have gone from 245 to 122.50 EUR.

11/11 Tomboy Jeans

Similar to previous ones but a somewhat lighter color and with broken knee and upper details. Is your price? 189 euros, although previously marked 270.