Microsoft Takes The Step and Launched a Prototype of Keyboard for Android Wear

While Google continues in an effort to further improve Android Wear, the environment Android is taking small steps to incorporate it as we have seen in several renowned applications updates, as we have seen recently with Endomondo and Telegram.

A problem that we encounter in our smartwatches is that due to its small screen writing in them is a complicated task as a minimum. We have already seen some applications such as Minuum that gave us all the keyboard in a line to use it without any problems in our Android Wear, but Microsoft has made the leap, and he has released a prototype of keyboard for these devices.

In version 0.1 which is available supports a resolution 320 x 320 square screens and screen Motorola Moto 360. Its operation is based on the touch screen, drawing one to the letters or numbers you want to enter. Besides we will have two buttons on screen, one to put spaces and another to delete last letter in case of error.

To a higher productivity has added a a spell of words that will provide us suggestions. If you want to try it you only have to go through the link below to go through Microsoft’s site and download it. Once this is done in the file HowToInstall.txt give you instructions for proper installation.