High-quality microscopes for small scholars

Children see the world with different eyes. You are full of curiosity, research and look for small and big secrets of the world. A microscope is therefore the perfect companion of childhood, because so little researchers come playful even the most hidden secrets on the track! Microscopes are used to the simple cell, magnified to represent small and smallest things and to show the viewer an insight into the microscopic world and whose operations.

Since the 16th century, microscopes (at that time still simple light microscopes, which catch the sunlight or the glow of a candle with mirrors) are made with ever higher resolution and magnification power. The object to explore is attached here mostly to medium (often a glass) and then either irradiated by light focused top with heavy or illuminated from below. Specially polished glass lenses provide the various enlargements of objects. With simple microscopes, these have usually three different lenses, can enlarge objects the size of a human hair enough for an accurate preview. We have different models in our range. The playful learning of your child we recommend different models we offer microscopes with higher resolution and magnification for more specialized Viewer.