Metallic Eye Tutorial!

Who doesn’t love a make to get coming? The top makeup artist and author of the book “The 66 life lessons that turned me into a make up artist” Juliana Rakoza specializes in raising any look, with two tips and tricks. Today I will show you step by step in a blur, perfect makeup for many different occasions, day or night doesn’t matter, what matters is!

As Juliana, who exerts the profession ten years ago, every woman can apply the technique alone, without the help of a professional, what differentiates it out each time better and more beautiful are the training, it’s no use, the secret is training, the more you do , better and more beautiful it gets. And to prove I’m not lying to herself already cited at the beginning of his career he had certain difficulties, including with the eyeliner. Today after years of training, the outlined became one of their specialties.

And it’s no use, metallic eye nuuuunca go out of style, especially at half season, is the Darling, for making the make up more authentic and combine with various looks. Nothing like the glamour eyes well marked. In this tutorial, the makeup artist teaches you how to create a smoky look metallic-toned eye, which is super the footprint for the colder days that soon will knock at our door, the products used in this walkthrough are from NARS, but if you do not want to acquire them can also Replace with any other brand of your choice. And then, come on?

An Eye In The Tutorial, And You Play!

Start with the skin already prepared – but without the Concealer under the eyes.

Apply the Dual-Intensity NARS Eyeshadow Callisto with the wet brush the inside corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid.

Then, apply the Dual-Intensity NARS Eyeshadow Phoebe with the wet brush on the outside of the eyes, and blow gently in the transition between them.

With a dry brush, blow the concave with a Dual-Intensity NARS Eyeshadow Subra. Strengthen the Dual-Intensity NARS Eyeshadow Phoebe on the eyelids.

With a wet brush, apply the Dual-Intensity NARS Eyeshadow Sycorax in the outer corner of the upper eyelids and external corners slightly close to the lower lashes. Strengthen, once again, the Dual-Intensity NARS Eyeshadow Phoebe and Pat with your fingers to mix. Vanish.

With the wet brush, apply the Dual-Intensity NARS Eyeshadow close to lower lashes Phoebe. This visual is working for a day – but we are going to blur the look night.

Pass the mask NARS Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara: first, position the applier vertically, using only your tip to ensure support. Then use it with the applicator lying.

Clean the area under your eyes with NARS makeup remover Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Oil-Free and pass the NARS concealer Radiant Creamy Concealer.

Correct the eyebrow with the NARS Brow Perfector Kalamata.

Apply the NARS Multiple Not Pali Coast on the cheeks and the NARS Illuminator Copacabana at the top of the cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.

Apply the Satin Lip Pencil Biscayne Park to not fight with the blur of the eyes. Are you ready for the night!