Metal Legging Models:Fashion Fitness

Stay tuned for the latest in fashion fitness, the metallic leggings that won over celebrities and the trend for gyms in 2013. See and be inspired!

This 2013 version arrived full of colors, and still full of controversy.As the trend of the hot season this year is more flexible and closing the eyes to certain looks, many comments on websites and blogs of the genre are twisting nose to many news.

And one of those controversies is the metal legging pants .Bold, colorful and very sensual for you to wear!

Flamboyant and Sensual

Many of us go to the gym and realize that much of the girls attend a big sweaty fashion show.The outfits are beyond sexy and flashy, and sometimes the dedication and focus on the exercises is set aside.But let’s use understanding and corporatism and let’s stick to fashion once and for all.The new summer 2013 is just color, and what’s not missing is color in this new model of metallic legging.

For a long time we have followed the evolution of legging, with stripes, textures and animal prints, and we have varied our opinion at one time or another.And as this evolution does not stop, arrive in Brazil the metallic leggings that promise to make a lot of success to cause excitement everywhere.They are usually made with a material called nylon knitting, which combines nylon and elastane for this shiny effect.But other models no less flashy also use the so-called cirré, and there are also models on the market made of vinyl.In any of the options the bright and vivid colors are the great goal.

But the big question is whether fashion will actually stay. This is the most outrageous legging model ever launched, and one of the most criticized in the academies. Of course with a certain injustice, since many women only use the model because it is simply beautiful. But of course you draw extreme attention to your bottoms while knitting is not the best option for all. But the fact is that Brazilian celebrities have already adhered to the look, which is successful in the United States. And also the models are already available in many virtual stores including national, and with this great wave of summer it is quite possible that the fashion take. After all, a lot of what we use today was well criticized in the beginning, and many of the pieces that we will use in the future are those we find vulgar or too sensual. Times change and fashion goes with it.

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