Merino Wool – the Ideal Material for Outdoor Sportsmen

This is a guest post by Gerald Bacher, outdoor sports and operator of the site. Go on a hike, the Summit is within reach. Once at the top, one settles down happily next to his consort of hiking to the Summit cross, but this pushes away a piece with gerümpfter nose because the sweat through synthetic shirt spread an unpleasant smell.

The should dress up this scenario familiar to whom, for the next hike with Merino clothing. Although this soft natural material is priced above all synthetic fibers of this world, especially for athletes who often and much sweat, the material is however ideal.


As the introduction suggests, Merino Wool with synthetic fibres has a huge advantage: is odor-resistant, and very easily back once recorded smell to the environment is – just a few hours in the fresh air and no one would guess that it has undertaken shortly before still a strenuous hike in the shirt. Other positive properties of Merino Wool for outdoor sportsmen, are as follows:

  • The wool of Merino sheep is not only pleasantly soft, but also convenient heat regulating properties: you warm in cold temperatures and when it is hot, no heat is formed.
  • Merino rejects not only unpleasant odours, dirt and water bouncing off to a certain extent on the wool.
  • Merino Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. If it dribbles so a bit, the clothing feels always still dry.
  • And even, if once the rain is coming and it is neatly soaked, the material warms up still, where damp feel other fibers. In addition the fibers dry quickly.
  • Merino clothing does not wrinkle and is therefore extremely easy to clean.
  • Depending on the density and weave Merino Wool has an SPF of up to 50.


It always depends on what kind of sports you operates. Who likes to hike, logically needs other equipment as a passionate snowboarder. For example, following is the basics Merino clothing for outdoor sportsmen:

  • Merino underwear: What you wear under it do not matter. Merino underwear is available in long and short form and keeps the body warm, or cool when the Sun from the sky.
  • Merino Socks: Especially when it is cold outside and wet, you get fast cold feet. So the toes do not freeze, one uses the best Merino Socks.
  • Merino shirt: Merino T-Shirts and long sleeves are ideally suited for any kind of sport. Even if you time the deodorant – forgot sweat out!
  • Merino jacket: For which form one here decides, is entirely up to the favorite outdoor sports. Skiers choose the best Merino-Hardshell combo, for hikers and also a cozy hoodie and a matching rain jacket.


Who is not sure, the jacket he needs, can rely on the layer principle. Here, you work with different layers of Merino, to achieve a good effect of heat. The lowest layer is the so-called baselayer Merino underwear. In comes a first layer shirt, what to attract even a warm Merino sweater. Is closed off with a waterproof rain or Merino jacket.

The many layers of Merino, warm the body and ensure at the same time the removal of moisture to the outside, so not a damp feeling or overheating. Through the top layer of one is well protected from cold, wind and rain – thus it is well insulated and has more space in your backpack.


Although Merino Wool in practice proves to be as uncomplicated material. However, that does not apply to the purchase. There, you should consider a lot because if you want to buy a high-quality product:

  • Not put off by the price. Merino Wool is a noble variety of wool and also comes at a price. But it is good to spend 40-60 Euro for a Merino shirt than to buy two synthetic fiber shirts at same price.
  • Make sure that the garment is actually mainly Merino Wool! A little spandex like icebreaker products can do good quality though, take over the synthetic fibres should not be however. The higher the proportion of Merino, the better the properties described!
  • Scratching the material? Then nothing like off!

Another important point at the time of purchase is that it should support any manufacturer who practice called Mulesing. This, the skin around the anus is cut off the sheep without stunning, what represents a sinister torture for the animals. Trusted manufacturers of Merino are among other icebreaker, SmartWool, Ortovox, Devold and Woolpower sportswear.

When it comes to functional clothes for outdoor sportsmen, Merino Wool has the edge clear. It is easy to clean, odourless and warms even when wet. The wearing more Merino layers one above the other, the greater the heat effect will be. When buying Merino clothing you should always ensure, that the products of high quality and have suffered no animals for the production. Who researched a little about the different manufacturers, soon finds out however that you can trust.

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The outdoor enthusiasts Gerald Bacher reported the world on his Online Guide about expensive types of wool EdlerZwirn, the finest variety of wool. At EdlerZwirn you will find plenty of information about products, manufacturers and maintenance of merino wool and co.