Mens Slim Fit Designer Shirts

The ready-to-wear is not normal.

Considering the number of people not finding their happiness, we persist in this claim by looking this week on the not very big man with the thin and slender silhouette: the slender man.

L’homme gracile* :

Overall winner facing the calorie, your thin and slender silhouette that shirt for a pro or only some casual brands offer a cut that fits you, provided they do not change the basics of their collections. This leaves you frequently exciting choice between:

1-Power button collar and swim between too wide sleeves (puffed you said ?!) and a bust cruelly missing bending. At this point you could almost remove without unbuttoning; ie: welcome to the world of parachute Jean-Pierre Coffe!

2-The teenage growth spurt radius: the bending is perfect, the width of impeccable sleeves and button closed barely bleuissez you. She’s fine “.

Notwithstanding: the fabrics and colors meet college standards; and neck and wrists as much maintenance at the outlet of the washing machine.

At this stage, if you put the office on Monday morning vigil may ask you which service you just do your internship …

And that the ideal men’s shirt is just on for your wardrobe!

Amazing is not all these autographs that you are asked Romain? (Duris)