Men’s Short Socks

High-quality men’s socks for every type of fashion


The changing fashion for men is also imposed on men’s socks. If the man of today shows leg, the fashion on the feet must be continued. Chinos and suit pants are worn more often. It seems that the conservative viewers consider a couple of centimeters were too short for men to wear. In the casual wear shorts and three-quarter pants are long since become men an everyday sight. But there is hardly a greater fashion sin as unattractive hosiery, which protrude far out of the shoe.


Fashion loafers, boat shoes, sailing shoes or simply flat sneakers are trendy in the summer. The footwear fashion attracts attention on the foot. Not every man wants to go barefoot in his shoes, and for good reason: even at high temperatures the foot secretes much welding, which can not be absorbed by the leather or fabric of the shoe. Sweaty feet are unpleasant, smell bad and may even provide embarrassing noises while running. I’m glad that there are men’s socks. The short socks remain safely hidden in the fashionable shoe and offer all advantages of high-quality stockings. Prevent blistering, absorb sweat, and not cut.