Men’s Bracelets and Accessories: to Wear or Not to Wear?

Last week we came across a text posted on the Business Insider that disputed the use of men’s wristbands. Check out an excerpt from the free translation text:

Everything in male fashion has-or had-a purpose. A clock is to show the time. Sunglasses are for protecting the eyes. Cufflinks are to close your fists in suits. Tie clips are to make your necktie not dive into anything when lowering. Wedding rings are symbolic (and are useful for warding off any unwanted flirting).
Bracelets serve no purpose. There is no historical or practical reason to tie a shiny piece of metal or a colored piece of nylon to your wrist. And at some of the prices of the bracelets suggests that you can get a very decent and useful watch to use instead.

To read the full text, click here (if you do not speak very well the English language, it does not cost anything to use Google Translate to give a little help).

As we finished reading this text, we discussed here about why we like both the bracelets and any other male accessory. Who has never seen a guy on the street walking with a watch without a battery? Or with a glasses without degree lenses? Even hats on rainy days…

Well, that’s how we came to the conclusion that men’s accessories are part of the masculine style. If women can wear bracelets and necklaces to simply “embellish the look,” why can not we wear the bracelets to be one more detail in the look?

The men’s fashion market grew so much that many men suffered from self-esteem. Not every guy is confident and it is always good to get a little help to feel more attractive. Not only wristbands but also various pieces of clothing and accessories are essential when designing a stylish look. So do not be afraid to invest in your style.

Around here, everyone already knows that we always encourage the use of men’s accessories .Everyone should wear whatever they want and dress the way they feel best. And since we express our opinion, we now want to know yours! What do you think about wearing bracelets and men’s accessories? Tell us in the comments!