Membrane Waterproof Jackets

What should be considered in the care?

The lifetime of each garment depends not only on its quality, but also the correct care. Therefore you should definitely consider the tag sewn to rate. Thus, the functional properties are not lost, so-called membrane jackets as must be washed regularly, since the welding settles inside the jacket and clogs the openings of the membrane. In normal use, but it is not necessary to wash them more frequently than five times a year. Usually you should – unless otherwise indicated – use a liquid detergent specifically for membrane clothing, available in sporting goods stores, and wash the jacket in the gentle cycle at 30 or 40 degrees.Alternatively sufficient, a liquid light-duty detergents; fabric softener should however refrain in principle. In general it is always better often use a little detergent maintain as rarely with much detergent.

What does a good outdoor jacket?

Many wind and rain jackets are available starting at 20 euros, the span is open upward. The price varies depending on the supplier and equipment, so you may have to dig deep into your wallet for a quality model. In addition to numerous lesser known brands, some renowned manufacturers find in the outdoor area. A high popularity in Germany enjoy foreign, mainly American greats like The North Face, Marmot, Mammoth or Jack Wolfskin. But German brand are well known: Vaude and Schöffel have long been established as quality brands. However, there are also other names that can convince with the quality of their products. Thus, the American company Patagonia great popularity, which is very committed to repairing, recycling, reuse and resale or sharing (supported) garments pleased. Other manufacturers of outdoor jackets are for example Icebreaker and Arc’teryx.

A wind and rain jacket: A must when outdoor sports

As you can see, both wind and rain jackets are very useful in many ways and should not be missed if one moves in the great outdoors. There are now many manufacturers offering a wide range of different models, so is guaranteed to be something for everyone here. An investment is worthwhile in any case.